Wednesday, 19 September 2012

End of life rethink 'is needed'

From BBC,

European countries need to rethink strategies for end of life care due to the ageing population, according to researchers in the Netherlands. 
They said deaths from cancer and long-term diseases were a "considerable burden" on society and accounted for 42% of all deaths. 
They warned that many would face pain, depression and anxiety before dying.
The findings were published in the medical journal BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care. 
The team from Radboud University Medical Centre looked at death certificates from 4.8 million people from 27 EU countries in 2007. 
Two million died of cancer, heart failure, diabetes, chronic liver failure, dementia, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, neurological diseases and HIV/AIDS. 
They said hundreds of thousands of people would face pain, depression, anxiety, confusion, fatigue and breathlessness before they died. 
Policy makers need to develop long and short-term palliative care strategies to cope with the burden of these diseases, the authors said. 
Tes Smith, social care programme manager of Macmillan Cancer Support, added: "A shift in the way end of life care is provided is vital. 
"With the right support, 73% of people with cancer would prefer to die at home. Currently only 27% are able to do so. 
"Free social care at the end of life and 24/7 community nursing for people in the last weeks and months of their lives would go a long way to making this choice a reality."
From The Unhived Mind. Please follow up on it and research the details for yourself.
Interesting is it not that instead of combating these diseases by simple diet changes they desire to simply plan to kill off the population. This is not about peoples healthcare, deathcare or anything else other than population reduction and control so that the merchantile classes and priesthoods can have complete control during the World Government (UN) dictatorship coming known as New World Order over a peasant class.

Instead of stopping you eating poisons like Soy which cause thyroid damage, they decide too many have thyroid disease and they need to kill x-amount who do and poison them before hand with drugs for profit. Hows about these filth stop causing planned disasters like Fukushima (revenge for Japan attempting to enrich uranium for Iran) and Chernobyl (an attach on a near-by scalar interferometer) which have destroyed the lives of millions with cancer and thyroid disease ever since? Hows about studying the ‘Apocalypse Equation’ thesis by Audrey Tomason (current U.S Director for Counter-Terrorism) and how she calls for so-called human population reduction via nuclear radiation. Hows about stopping the production of bio-engineered viruses in the lab which are gradually put into the biosphere.

Study what will happen with pandemics once the carbon trading economy is bought in soon to replace the out-going system. You instantly become a polluter as you breath out carbon dioxide (plant food). Now Al-Gore Jr and his Generation Investment Management can reap the profits from your death. The new system has been created in order to aid the population reduction unlike the last system which needed an amount of healthy alive humans. Each economic system usually lasts around eighty years. Think about it, they can reduce the population up to 2100 as planned and still have a profitable economy with their new system if they bring in the new system between 2015-2020.

Study the Club of Rome’s desires to kill off sixty percent of the populace by 2050 and a further thirty-five percent of the surviving populace by 2100. Wake up and see whats happening around you with the poverty being created through a planned economic collapse utilizing derivatives since the 1970s and especially with Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin removing the ban on derivative trading. Please wake up and stop this tyranny. We will not become victims or slaves to the zero-growth post-industrial plan and Global 2000 Report. Nor will we become victims and slaves of the U.N Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development.

May I please remind that although there have been real viruses put into the biosphere like the Mouse Mammary Virus (a cause of breast cancer,) that there are illusionary viruses too like HIV. Please make sure you understand the hidden story behind HIV. Can you imagine the increase in condom use since the brainwashing of the illusion of HIV? Can you imagine what that alone has done to the population growth? Do not be fooled that the World is over-populated. Please study the truth about fertility rates and the destruction of cultures.

-= The Unhived Mind 
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