Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Schaeffer Cox Story

Today we are joined by Simon Kaiwai and Terry Christopher: Dodd of Walls in our Mind radio show. Together we discuss the story of Schaeffer Cox and his imprisonment on charges of Conspiracy to Murder. Shaeffer was framed by the FBI as he was a problem to the institution of the State.

Much of Shaeffer's Story can be read here: Shocking: How The U.S. Government Used An Agent Provocateur To Charge A Patriot With Terrorism

Together we discuss the ideas and message that Shaeffer was teaching: Individuality, Limited Government, Government by Consent of the people, Corrupted Economy and Lawful vs Legal.

Please help here: Free Schaeffer Cox

Listen here: 14.05.22 Schaeffer Cox.mp3


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